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Heavy-Soiled Wash

Heavy-Soiled Wash

Our Heavy-Soiled Wash service is specially designed for those tough stains and dirt that require a little bit more TLC. This service is perfect for uniforms, workwear, and heavily soiled clothes that regular washes can't handle.

Our experts at Ivory Wash & Fold use top-of-the-line detergents and industrial-grade machines to ensure that every garment comes out looking clean and fresh. We pre-treat the clothes to remove any stains before washing them in hot water and then finishing with a high-temperature dry. This ensures that every speck of dirt is washed away and that your clothes are returned to you looking and smelling great.

What sets Ivory Wash & Fold's heavy-soiled wash service apart is that we take special care with each garment. We understand that clothes can be expensive and that some stains can be challenging to remove. That's why we give your clothes the attention they deserve. We treat each garment as if it were our own, ensuring that it is not damaged during the cleaning process.

If you're tired of struggling with tough stains, Ivory Wash & Fold's Heavy-Soiled Wash service is for you. Our expert team and top-notch equipment can handle even the toughest dirt, leaving your clothes looking bright and fresh. We offer convenient drop-off and pick-up services so that you can focus on what's essential while we take care of the laundry.

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